• Fertility

  • The Treatment of Infertility¬†
    in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Functional related infertility is often stress-related, and is most common among women who work or live in stressful environments. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to decrease stress in the body by regulating the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. The treatment also addresses possible hormonal imbalances and circulatory problems.

    If you choose to undergo IVF, be assured that recent studies have concluded that acupuncture performed immediately before and after IVF significantly increases the chances for a viable pregnancy (ongoing studies confirm these findings.) Acupuncture reduces uterine contractions, which may contribute to the failure of IVF treatments, before, during and after IVF. Acupuncture can also increase blood flow to the uterus, which creates a very favorable environment for pregnancy to occur. Minimally, a treatment should be performed 1/2 hour before implantation and 1/2 hour after. In order to achieve maximum benefit, weekly treatments are recommended at least two months prior to the start of IVF.

    Natural Approaches to Treating Infertility

    Depending on the cause of infertility, natural approaches can be very useful and should be tried before proceeding to drastic medical intervention, especially if you are in your twenties. Natural approaches to promote fertility include:
    • Eating a healthy diet
    • Exercising in moderation
    • Learning about the best time to conceive
    • Eliminating caffeine and alcohol intake
    • Effective lifestyle changes, such as smoking cessation
    • Receiving a series of acupuncture treatments